Goldsmiths North

July 2022

Home of blade production… Sheffield is an place steeped in industrial history. 

What a breath of fresh air, to be with the fabulous independent makers, without restrictions in the prestigious surroundings of Cutlers Hall.

Louise Parry, Colette Bishop & Brian Erburah

This year gave us all the opportunity to look back on the stark changes the pandemic made to our industry. Design is such a collaborative process, we’ve all missed the tactile side of commissions, so it was a joy for people to be able to touch and feel our work again. 

Cutlers Hall is the most beautiful back drop and this is certainly the furthest North we have exhibited, and with travel still a little tricky we were delighted to see so many people in attendance. Although we know it was a bit too far for some of you,

Lovely to have a glass of champagne with some of our clients, especially Sue, who wore her beautiful surprise emerald necklace to the show. Presented a week previously by her lovely husband.  This year Louise was delighted to showcase “The Square Round Clock” alongside some of the pieces from the latest collections “Colette” as well as the ever popular “Lumin” and “Eclipse”

We enjoyed the show so much and as ever we’ve made some great connections. Our years of working with Goldsmiths Fair & Goldsmiths North have been integral to who and where we are today.