The Eclipse Collection

The lunar eclipse that took place on 16th July 2019 was a notable day in my year and one which inspired new designs for my jewellery. I have been a bit of a ‘stargazer’ for a number of years and am lucky to have a good telescope these days to further that passion. Watching the eclipse and the details of the moon, the light and the shadow on the exterior orb inspired me to take out my sketch pad to record what I was witnessing in the moment. It was this sighting and those breathtaking seconds that inspired me to create the ‘Eclipse’ collection. My work is very much driven by the world around me and my jewellery is created to be treasured and worn fondly by others.

My sketchpad on 16th July 2019

This limited-edition collection is even more special than most as each of the larger pieces within the ‘Eclipse’ collection is unique and built around a selection of beautiful rectangular tourmalines in peacock green, blue and pink which were sourced especially for this design. No two pieces are the same.

 When first exhibited at Goldsmiths’ Fair in 2019, I was humbled to have sold out of the collection completely and have endeavored to continue to make similar designs as they echo the feel of much of my jewellery and timepieces.

‘Eclipse’ is made from silver and 18ct gold, set with tourmalines and a clean line is cut through the textured surface and punctuated with tiny diamonds to add a little sparkle. The pendants are available on a silver or steel necklet which set off the geometry of the piece perfectly. Tiny pendants are also available on snake chains. Eclipse pendants can be made to order using different sizes and stones.

Eclipse pendants waiting to be finished

Price list:

Stud earrings – Silver£110

Stud earring – 18ct Gold vermeil on silver£120

 Tiny pendant – silver – £140

Tiny pendant – 18ct Gold vermeil on silver – £140

Diamond pendant – silver with 18ct gold settings – £520

Pink tourmaline pendant – silver with 18ct gold settings – £980

Small green tourmaline pendant – silver with 18ct gold settings – £720

Large green pendant – silver with 18ct gold settings – £1390

I can make to order other Eclipse pendants if different sizes,materials and stones are requested. Prices available on application.

I like to create a new collection every year and it was a regular client that helped to nurture my latest collection when looking for a 40th birthday present for his wife. During a scheduled appointment during the summer to my shop, he fell in love with one of the Eclipse pendants that I had in the window. However, we both felt it was too large for his wife and I set about designing a smaller piece which he wanted in platinum, which his wife preferred. I revisited my sketch pad of Eclipse designs and created the ‘Lumin’ collection based upon the bright unshadowed side of the moon.

Lumin Pendant

I have kept it a secret for months, so that my client’s  wife could see her wonderful platinum version of the ‘Lumin’ pendant before anyone else.

I am both proud and excited to share the beginnings of this new collection with you. Both pendant and earrings are available in silver and 18ct gold and to commission in platinum and 18ct gold. ‘Lumin’ refers to brightness and also towards being powerful, which is a feeling that many need right now.

The full range of this new ‘Lumin’ collection will be unveiled early in the new year.

Lumin Price List:

Silver and diamond Earrings – £270

Silver and diamond Pendant – £270